Curators of the greatest stories on earth

The Sipping Shed exists for the love of whisky. The history, the places, the people, the process, the unforgettable taste… the story of whisky. We wanted to tell that story our way, with our whisky and so The Sipping Shed was born…


A spirit of independence

We’re a proudly independent bottler. This gives us the freedom to be bold, to have fun, to take risks. We look at whisky differently, and we put all our passion, curiosity and sense of adventure into every bottle.

Respecting history while making our own

A great whisky is history in a glass. And while we strive to create something new, we’re always respectful of the proven, traditional methods that have endured for centuries.

We source our whisky from some of the finest, most iconic distilleries in the world. Then we mature it, carefully selecting the moment when they’re ready to tell their own story, using our own custom made casks to add new chapters to old tales.

Each bottling has a unique illustration, carefully crafted to bring the history of its origin to life and create truly unique expressions that stand apart.

Whisky is patience

We love how there’s no shortcut to beautiful whisky. You just have to wait. History needs time to write itself. Stories must play out before they can be told.

But that’s okay, because when something’s worth waiting for, you have all the time in the world.

So we wait. Until finally, the time is right and the tale must be told….

That’s when The Sipping Shed opens its doors…